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Last update: 三月 26, 2022


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At what age could we do the trek?

Legally, the Salcantay Majestic trek can be done by any person at any age. Nevertheless, we rather forbid it for children under the age of 8 because we think that, even if this is not a difficult Trek, it has some parts where it wouldn't be prudent to bring too young children.

What is the physical condition needed?

In general, we recommend to be in a good shape, without being athletic. Walks are made in a low rhythm and in small groups, so you can stop to take a break for a moment. Don't forget that this Trek goes up to 4200 m of altitude. That's why we do not recommend it to people with respiratory, circulatory or cardiac problems. In any case, only your doctor will tell you if you are able or not to do the Trek. We recommend you to see a physician if you have any doubts.

Should I be very equipped?

In general, you should only take your personal equipment. We take care of the equipment for the group. Please, visit the pages What to bring and Included in the Trek to see a complete list. We advise you to carry only the essential because every superfluous pound is a useless effort to make. So, don't bring with you grandma's photo or the silverware! Prefer to bring good walking shoes, enough clothes, binoculars, camera, etc.

There is no special equipment need, only regular equipment but of good quality, as for any other trek in the nature.

One must be trained to do this hike?

No. This trek is open to everyone without limitation.

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